Why Motivational Maps
are a game changer


Motivational Maps. What's that, I hear you ask?

Well, imagine a future where you could successfully:

  • have the knowledge to always make good career decisions...
  • Know what motivated you and potentially each person within your team...
  • Know how motivated you and your team are and how to more positively influence them effectively...
  • Do something positive about the motivation and performance of everyone in your organisation...

Powerful stuff, eh?

It is. You see, Motivational Maps is a self-perception tool that focuses on motivation rather than personality. By giving insight into your own personal motivations at a deeper level, it's possible to use this awareness to great effect and develop that personal high performance culture you've always dreamed possible.

So to my profile and why it's really helped me. I'll share my top 3 motivations. In Maps language, I'm a SEARCHER, CREATOR, SPIRIT.

I'm hugely motivated by meaning. For me to be motivated by the work I am doing, I have to see it as valuable and significant in its' own right. Fundamentally, us SEARCHERS seek to make a difference.

As a CREATOR, no prizes for guessing I have a need for creativity. This motivation is for innovation and to be identified with original output. We like to break barriers - bring into existence what wasn't there before. We're optimistic and can persevere in adversity. We love the buzz, and if it isn't there, we're not happy.

SPIRIT. My favourite. I need freedom and autonomy to thrive. Restrictions and procedures irritate me (sound familiar to any of you?). Micro-management seriously demotivates me (and that's not good for my productivity / profitability).

So why is this stuff a game changer?

Simple. By first understanding my core motivational drivers myself and then sharing this information with my colleagues, I'm able to create an environment that works perfectly for me to ensure my motivation stays high. If I'm motivated, I'm performing well in my role and importantly to the business, I'm profitable.

As anyone that's worked in an unrewarding role will know, nothing worse than being demotivated and counting the hours...

So if you're wondering whether you're in the right job, looking for ways to increase your motivation and fulfilment in your work, consider Motivational Maps.

Might be a game changer for you too.

By the way, I liked it so much I got myself accredited to deliver Motivational Maps, so if your curiosity is up, get in touch and let's have a chat.

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