The power of
the One Page Plan


Today’s environment of constant change, volatility and competitive pressure demands a robust and ever-evolving strategic plan focused on delivering successful outcomes.

In our opinion, the best business growth plans are ‘living and breathing’ documents which guide future direction and provide clarity around key strategies and actions. If you’re tired of years where little to no change occurs, consider implementing a Strategic Plan that really works. 

Again, as is often the case in our business advisory, the simplest things have the biggest impact. This is indeed the case for one of my favourite tools, the ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN.

At the heart of the ONE PAGE PLAN is our over-arching methodology and one that is incredibly powerful in driving action and accountability - ‘Now - Where - How’

1. Understand what’s working and what’s not working in your business NOW

2. Gain clarity in WHERE you want to be in the future

3. Determine the top 3-4 key strategies as to HOW you will get there

This process ensures ‘learning through doing’ allowing you to move forwards with a clear growth plan, helping with the implementation of each strategy.

We use the ONE PAGE PLAN alongside a set of tools that allow us to drive the strategic planning process and ensure that it simply becomes a blueprint for ‘the way you do business’. Using the NOW WHERE HOW approach in the right way, you'll be sure to have a robust way forward:

  • Clear vision and goals

  • Clarity to your competitive advantage as an organisation

  • Priority for your key issues

  • Ability to drive strategies into specific actions

  • Ability to allocate responsibilities and timelines for action items

So break out the whiteboard and develop your own One Page Plan - Could be the ONE thing that makes the BIGGEST difference to your business in 2020.

If you’re keen to build your own OPP and not sure where to start, get in touch, and we'll get you on your way!

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