"Fail to Commit and Commit to Fail"


It's a phrase many of us have heard, and one that will probably resonate with most, whether it be when looking to lose weight, getting fit for a marathon, renovating a house - the circumstances are many.

But let's look at this phrase in the context of growing your business, and in particular, growing your business in the midst of a global pandemic.

Covid-19 has impacted us all. Many of us have felt its' effects personally, emotionally, and financially. It has spared very few of us in that respect.

Some businesses have actually found they have benefited from the pandemic, with their products and services suddenly being more in demand than ever before and sales are up. Whatever the triggers, some businesses are doing well as a result.

So what do business winners and business losers, in this current crisis, all have in common?


Ask yourself this simple question. "In this current crisis, is my product or service more or less relevant to my target market?"

It's a simple question that will typically get you thinking about whether you need to do some work on reshaping how or with what you serve your customer base. Whatever insight you get from asking this question should help you know whether a 'product reboot' may be necessary.

If your product is becoming less relevant, sooner or later your business will be too, and you'll be out of the game.

As a business growth coach and facilitator, I observe many things from the work I do. When it comes to high-performing businesses, these are the ones that are always questioning their relevance and alignment to their customers. They chase a state of high relevance. They are the types of businesses that say they prefer to INNOVATE THROUGH CURIOSITY, rather than INNOVATE THROUGH NECESSITYIf you find yourself innovating through necessity, then you are typically playing catch up to your competitors, and that's never a good place to be.

COVID-19 has tested many businesses in this respect and accelerated the need to change and adapt for many. And this is where IMPLEMENTATION comes in.

If you know you should review your business strategy, look at your product/service, redesign your marketing messaging, etc. and despite knowing you should, you don't, a pandemic like this is likely to make that something you could regret.

Knowing what you should do and what changes are needed is half the work, but reward that effort by doing the other half of the work and finish the job of implementing the necessary changes.

"Fail to commit and commit to fail" Your choice.

As someone that helps businesses grow, even in challenging times like these, I'd like to offer my support, if that's something you are looking to do.

If you need any help with working out just how relevant or irrelevant your business is right now and want to get some support with starting the process, drop me a message, connect with me on here or book a FREE session with me on Zoom or visit our website.

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